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Applications and websites

Building modern websites. From small applications to big-data platforms.
Well thought-out, efficient and scalable.


  • Business analysis
  • prototypes
  • UX/UI
  • Design
  • Branding


  • Symfony
  • Zend Framework
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Laravel

Java Script

  • Angular
  • VUE


  • RWD / Mobile
  • WCAG 2.0
  • Optymalizacja SEO
  • PWA
Comprehensive approach

Comprehensive approach

For more than 10 years, we have been implementing unconventional, innovative and often very advanced systems and web applications. We are responsible for the entire process of creating many start-up web projects. From initial concept, to web development and maintenance. Our expert knowledge allows us to design and implement any web application, at any level of complexity and difficulty.

As a result, GOGOmedia Software House is able to offer something more than just a ready product of a duplicated customer service scheme. We can meet the most demanding requirements and thus prepare a unique (even on the international level) service that perfectly matches the vision and goals of our clients.

Industries we have worked for:

  • education
  • publishing
  • telcom
  • fintech
  • logistics
  • advertising
  • big data
  • food industry
  • HoReCa
  • R&D

We are responsible for the entire project implementation process

and research


Graphic design


and maintenance

We guarantee:

  • on-time project delivery
  • dedicated project team
  • flexible cooperation
  • high quality code
  • 24/7, 365 days a year support

High-performance work culture

We are a highly disciplined and responsible team that you can always rely on. We work transparently, which means that you have continuous insight into the course and progress of the tasks entrusted to us.

We place great emphasis on high quality code, good documentation, application of design patterns and well-conducted tests. We provide up to 3-year warranty for completed applications with very short response time.

Unique experience

Optimization for high traffic servers

Our strong competences let us optimize service and server infrastructure to support up to 1,000,000 users a day.


We pay special attention to all aspects of security – data storage and processing – and develop dedicated procedures as well as protective mechanisms. We know cryptography.

[HA] High availability

We design infrastructural solutions for the needs of high-availability services with SLA above 99.98%.


When creating software, we put particular emphasis on its scaling and extension. We guarantee high flexibility of the adopted technological solutions and thanks to this, the extended life of the software.

Get in touch

We’d love to help you choose the best solution for your project.