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Body Leasing

In need of a developer who can work on your project for a day, a week or a month?
We deliver our resources remotely or directly to your office.

Developers available
in Body Leasing service

Last update:
* Approximate values

Flexible Body leasing

We offer many options for renting developers.
They can work in your office, remotely or in mixed form.

at your office
from GOGOGOmedia office
of both
Developer rental period over 1 month
Developer rental period over 1 day
The work environment provided by
(hardware, software)
Managing developer through your system such us Atlassian JIRA
Managing developer through our ticketing system Atlassian JIRA and TEMPO working time management
Developers available to cover for employees on leave guarantee you with continuity of work
Developers available at non-standard hours: from 6 AM to 12 PM and on weekends
Other developers of our team give substantive and technological support to rented developers
Free opportunity to consult with other employees of our company: UX / UI Designer, Software Architect, SysDev, SysAdmin
In case of not using up to 25% of working time, it can be transferred for the next month

Transparent settlement

You decide the way of reporting task and registering work time, which financial settlement is later based on.

What you receive by leaving it up to us:

  • Access to Atlassian JIRA task management tool
  • Working time settlement based on precise log works – TEMPO.io
  • We estimate working time with an accuracy of 30 min
    rounding it down
  • Settlements take place either every 2 weeks or every month
  • Each issued invoice includes a detailed report of the tasks performed

However, if you prefer to manage developers yourself, we are flexible and adapt to your project and time management system. You decide, and we take care of keeping things as transparently as possible.


UX Designer


Angular Developer


Python Developer


Project Manager


QA Automation Engineer


DevOps Engineer


We can build
a complete IT team for you

We have the knowledge and competence necessary to build the whole team for you, ready to implement a specific project. Tell us your goals, technologies and needs, even the business ones. We will provide you with a team that meets all your requirements. If we don’t have specialists you need „in-house”, we will use our wide network to make a quick recruitment which we won’t charge you for.

  • No recruitment costs
  • We are responsible for choosing and verifying staff for your project
  • Our rates are highly competitive, market prices
  • Building the team takes from 1 to 5 weeks
  • Contract period starts from 3 months
  • You pay only for the actual time the team is working

    Fields we have worked in so far:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Web Applications
  • ERP
  • WMS
  • CRM
  • Intranet
  • Big Data / hadoop
  • Integrations / REST API / SOAP

Get in touch

We’d love to help you choose the best solution for your project.